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 Hey all,
I know it is a long ways away but... Marie Bailey, who is our house manager for Midsummer Nights Dream is looking for volunteers to assist her with taking/selling tickets at the door and seating people and to assist with concessions on our show nights.  You would need to be there an hour before the performance, and then you would be able to watch the show, for free.  Show dates and times are August 7, 8, 9, 15, 16 at 8 PM and Sunday's August 10 and 17 at 2 PM.  
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 As Joy pointed out in her post Midsummer is not cast yet... Dave is still looking for people.  
PLEASE COME AND BRING FRIENDS, ENEMIES, NEIGHBORS, PEOPLE YOU MEET ON THE STREET, LONG LOST RELATIVES... It'd be wonderful if we didn't get out of there until midnight Thursday because we had so many people show up!!!
The address is 240 N. Main street for those who need that information.
I will not be acting in this show... I was officially named the Assistant Director tonight at the Board Meeting!
THIS IS NOT ME BEGGING YOU TO AUDITION, but instead a desperate cry for help!
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 Just a reminder to those that may be interested...
Auditions for Barefoot Productions Midsummer Nights Dream are this Week, Monday and Tuesday at 6 PM!
A prepared Monologue is not necessary but could not hurt you.

The auditon/rehearsal location is 240 N. Main street in Plymouth Michigan (48170).

I hope you can come, and if you do good luck.

There's about 20 speaking parts in the show + extra's!
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 Just a quick note to say Congrats to Kristin for giving a wonderful performance tonight! 
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Thanks to joy for hostessing a wonderful party... 
I actually went to my car to drop off the hand full that I had and was going to bring back in the dresses and get my crock pot but, absent mindedly got into the car and left... I'M SORRY JOY, I really did have them with me tonight!  I wasn't just making that up!
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 So, I've spent most of the last two days at the hospital visiting Grandma and being the gofor for my Uncle, Aunts and Mother so that they may spend as much time with their mother as possible before the inevitable happens.  It has also helped me to spend time with her and keep myself busy enough to not really think about it.  She keeps asking if they have hired a new football coach at Michigan.  She has kept her sense of humor through the whole thing. 
We had set up an in home hospice care for her and today they called and said that they received the doctors report and are afraid to transport her home because she may not make it through.
Well, I'm going to make some dinner up for my folks so it's ready when they get home from the hospital.  I'll see some of you at the Round tonight.
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Sorry about the fact that it has once again been way too long.  I haven't had internet access in about a month and a half now.  I am surviving it fine as I have had a million and a half things going on.
First, working on this past play was a wonderful experience once agian!  
Thank you to joy for throwing a wonderful cast party again.  I had a good time, stayed way too late but what else is new.
Thank you to Grace for game night last week it was fun.
Today my family got some really bad news from the hospital... Some sort of level is going up meaning that Grandma's liver is failing slowly and if they can't get it to stabalize then her liver will completely fail within the next two weeks.  I made sure I kept myself busy enough all day to not think about it.  However, at dinner tonight I broke down and it was bad.  I'm sorry to be giving everyone such depressing news on Thanksgiving but, I'm trying to get it all out and be strong for the family.  
Anyways, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I'll talk to you all later.
Also.... don't know if the Ground Round is in the cards for folks tomorrow night, but I'm going to go hang out with my cousin in law because my Uncle is also in the hospital and my cousin is going to West Branch tomorrow to see him.  HOWEVER, Jenny and Bryan keep asking me if we are doing trivia this week... let me know VIA cell phone, once I get that turned back on.
later all

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